Application Management-ConfigMgr 2012

Application Management



> CI based model #Application Management work on based on CI(configuration Item) model

where below CI type belong to Application,

(fetched using SQL Query against ConfigMgrDB)

Select * from CI_Type


CIType_ID  TypeName

10              AppModel

13              GlobalExpression (newly introduced)

21              Deployment Type (newly introduced)

24              Install Policy Type


> SMSProv.Log # whatever the change/new information is submitted at the console. SMSProv is first component to look into.


> SMSDBMon.Log # Keep tabs on this log to watch the change in the database tables provided SQL Tracing is enabled.


              >wakes respective compenent in the system to initiate the process

              > application definition would be replicated to child site using ConfigMgr DB                  replication


>Database Tables involved #





>WMI @ ConfigMgr Server

Namespace: root\sms\site_SiteCode

SMS_Application &






FlowChart of the Application Management,

Below flowchart depicts overall steps to be taken from creation of an application until deployment of where various components are involved and respective component’s log can be checked to see the processing in detail.

Processing @ Server,

When an application is created at ConfigMgr console(Software Library ->Application Management -> Applications), add CI_Unique ID field which is used in tracking the application deployment.

similiarly add column Content ID under Deployment Type

 In the above process, 4 CIs will be created for the above application which can be located in ConfigMgr DB,(Note # CI_UniqueID is similiar from the above screenshot )

Using below SQL Query:

select * from dbo.CI_ConfigurationItems 
where CI_UniqueID like ‘%12af18a5-c1ab-4dbf-b816-bae6bf1bb9fc%’
and IsLatest = 1
order by ModelId



 CI_UniqueID is appended with /digit which indicate the version, start with version 1 and subsequently increase when some change is done in the application at Console.(when changes are done, it can tracked and noticed via SMSDBMon.Log)

SDMPackageDigest expose the details about respective CI created during the application.



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